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Maxi Svensson exhibitions and projects. Utställningar och projekt.

I have done 2 exhibitions in Sweden, my first in Stockholm at No18 offices, my second at Lars Lerin's Sandgrund in Karlstad, and 1 in Åland at  Åland Art Musem so far, and a few projects such as Majblomman and Örebro Rådhuskalender (Örebro Townhall Art Fair). 

I dream of doing exhibitions at other cities such as New York, Miami, Berlin, Oslo and Helsinki for example. Maybe one day! 


Articles about Maxi Svensson Art

I try to upload some of the press that I have received. Click to see more. I think it's very fun to speak with journalists, but I often get the same questions :)  They ask where I get my inspiration,  and if my younger brother Wille likes to paint as well (he doesn't), and how it feels to be talented at making paintings. :-)
I really love to talk about what my art means to me, and what some of my paintings stand for, and what I wish to show with my art.


About Maximilian Svensson Art | Paintings. Om Maxi Svensson | Konst | Målning.

I enjoy Skatebording and hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work.


Opening 2020 Ålands konstmuseum, Åland by

Claes Hammar Generalkonsul

Sveriges Generalkonsulat i Mariehamn, Åland

My workshops in Åland

My exhibition at Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Malou Efter tio (TV4)

Here I am painting a typical Scottish house. 

I made this video to show my process when painting landscapes. Hope you like it! 

Swedish TV - SVT. An interview after my first exhibition.

SVT came to my house after my first exhibition and asked about my paintings. It was so fun to talk about how I paint and what hope to do. 



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